(Pronounced 'hoose' - The Norse origin of the Scottish vernacular term for 'house')   ...... is so named in recognition of Orkney's shared Scottish and Nordic architectural and cultural  heritage and aims to provide a clear and appropriate Architecture for Orkney, Shetland and the North of Scotland.
HUS was established in 2012 by Orcadian, Colin Begley, with the aim of providing discerning, design-led and enviromentally sound architectural design services, with a primary focus on one-off domestic, new-build, restoration and conversion projects.
With a firm belief that good design and technical detailing play an essential role in realising successful and rewarding spaces, HUS specialises in bespoke, energy-efficient projects for like-minded clients.
Drawing on extensive experience in Interior, Architectural and Architectural Lighting Design practice in the UK, Australia and Australasia;  HUS can assist with the planning, design, statutory applications and project supervision of your project, or with a project specific service tailored to your needs.

We believe passionately, that excellence in design practice can contribute towards more vibrant healthier lives, communities and environment.  That quality design should be accessible to every project, and can add value to projects of any size or budget.
We believe that quality is more critical than scale, that shared enviroment is more important than personal desire and that beauty contributes meaningfully to daily experience.
We believe that Architecture should be rooted in local culture, tradition and materials, but should also be combined with new ideas, and technologies to encourage a progressive, sustainable and 'living' architectural tradition, fit for our times.
Good Architectural design can strengthen our sense of identity and culture, visually improve our landscapes and towns, promote growth, business and community, enliven lives and spaces, respect and work with the environment.

Colin Begley  -  Architectural Designer

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